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What is Brandfluence™: Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing isn’t going away. Brandfluence™ is how we describe our social media marketing process. We coalesce proven marketing and leadership techniques into the social media world to increase community growth, engagement and ultimately your sales. Our Brandfluence™ programs will build and nurture your social communities.

Social Media Management

From idea creation to strategy and execution our social media management programs will help you increase sales, define goals, and accomplish them.

Social Strategy

Every marketing plan begins with a strategy. We will work with you to determine a strategy, develop creative and carry out implementation.

Brand Identity

Every brand has a story to tell. It is a living, breathing entity. Sharing that story will humanize your brand and create advocates. We work with you to share and understand this story.

Content Creation

Creating Social Media Content is a never ending cycle. Our team works to define a schedule and keep content fresh and engaging. We get to know you and your company to keep language and messaging consistent.

Community Growth & Engagement

Building a social community starts with identifying your ideal clients and then determine where to find those clients online. Once we have identified the proper social networks we then proceed to grow and engage with them.

Social Monitoring

Part of having a social presence is the willingness to put your brand out into the world. Understanding how you are perceived and responding to both the negative and positive reviews. We monitor reviews and spot trends in commentary.

“For those of you business owners out there! After 13 years of running my own company, I have turned over all my marketing to Jamie Palmer. OMG – A Brand Building & Entrepreneurial Consulting Company We spent the first hour coaching this a.m. and the nerves in my brain are re-routing. Her approach to marketing and her abilities to produce results are unprecedented. She is one of the few who can bring a brand, a strategy, product, presentation, package and “LEAD GENERATION” together. While most can only do one or the other. I highly recommend her! ” Executive Coach

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What We Offer

Our Services

  • Social Media
    • Content Creation
    • Editorial Calendar
    • Brand Consistent Voice
    • Daily Updates
    • Monitoring & Response

  • Email Marketing
    • List Development
    • Monthly Newsletter Creation
    • List Monitoring
    • Responsive Design
    • Branded Template

  • Strategy
    • Archetype Development
    • Integrated Marketing Strategy
    • Budget Management
    • Calendar Strategy
    • Channel Strategy

  • Branding
    • Brand Development
    • Brand Identity Guide
    • Integrated Channel Strategy
    • Cross-Channel Promotion
    • Brand Consulting

  • Starter
  • $800

    per month


    • 2 Social Networks
    • Daily Updates
    • 1 Monthly Meeting
    • Monthly Reporting
    • Editorial Calendar
    • $25.00 Add Budget
    • Daily Monitoring

  • Brandfluence
  • $1200

    per month

    • 3 Social Networks
    • Daily Updates
    • Social Media Strategy Development
    • 2 Monthly Meetings
    • Monthly Reporting
    • Editorial Calendar
    • $50.00 Add Budget
    • Daily Monitoring
    • Monthly Newsletter
    • Quarterly Contests

  • Brandfluence Ultimate
  • $1800

    per month

    • Unlimited Social Sites
    • Daily Updates
    • Weekly Meetings
    • Monthly Reporting
    • Editorial Calendar
    • $150.00 Add Budget
    • Real Time Monitoring
    • Monthly Newsletter
    • Quarterly Contests
    • Online Review Monitoring
    • Marketing Strategy Development

$800.00 Add to cart

$1,200.00 Add to cart

$1,800.00 Add to cart

Are you ready to explore the Brandfluence Social Media Programs? Book your complimentary 30 minute consultation.

“Outlier Marketing Group has helped us to gain social media presence and connect with our members. Jamie and her staff have continually stayed in contact with us to gain insight on what we are doing and how we can engage our members. They provide unique ideas and constant vigilance which helps us to deliver great customer service. We truly enjoy working with them.” EJ Water Cooperative, Inc.