Done With You

The OMG Done with you program is our 6 month  signature program taught in group format that teaches the OMG Methodology to grow and scale a business online. We co-author a strategy with students, walk them through the elements of building a business ecosystem and all of the steps along the way. We combine simple strategy that keeps you moving forward with action steps on the technology side. Plus we hold you accountable to ensure you are moving forward.


The OMG Facebook Ads program will help you lay the foundation for creating a system to scale your business. Learn the OMG Method to running Facebook Ads and create a system to take someone from cold traffic to ready to buy prospect all through the use of Facebook Ads. This program walks students through the basics of a client journey and funnel. Then teaches students how to create ads sequences, identify the ideal audience and understand the overall art and science of creating facebook ads. We create benchmarks for success and provide real time feedback for students.

OMG Coaching

The OMG Coaching program is a 3 month intensive 1 on 1 program that is for people who are ready to map out a plan to scale their business and grow. In this program, we will first identify your business goals and then map out an action plan to make it happen. Perhaps it is figuring out how to FINALLY launch that program you have been working on or to put your course on evergreen, or perhaps it is how to build your very own thriving business system. Whatever that goal may be we will hold you accountable and help you achieve it.