14 Social Media Tips and Tricks!

Here are 14 of my favorite social media tips and tricks!


  1. Engage, engage! Comment and reply to each and every person who takes time out of their day to say something on your profiles. Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin – It doesn’t matter take the time to comment back, assuming they aren’t spam!
  2. Use a program like Planoly to map out a beautiful Instagram feed. It’s a game changer. You’re welcome! https://www.planoly.com/referral/outliermktg
  3. Plan ahead. Yes, I hear you but you can do it! Planning out your content will alleviate all the stresses later on.
  4. Go Live! Facebook favors Live video so make a commitment to go live once a week. It will increase your organic reach and get you lots of love on your page.
  5. Understand how important the Facebook Pixel is! The Facebook pixel is critical to success. It will give you so much data, so be like Oprah and “you get a pixel”, “you get a pixel”, and “YOU get a PIXEL” with your website.
  6. Pick two platforms and OWN them. Be consistent with them, post them and be sure to engage with other people on them. All too often I see people trying to get on every single platform but with no real plan.
  7. Teach and show value. I’m all for a good quote that gets people to laugh or engage but remember you also need to show value to get people to know, like and trust. Take it to the next level and showcase your expertise.
  8. Invest in a brand photo shoot. WAY too many people are using stock images and your viewers can tell the difference. Spend the money and get a professional photo shoot done to show that you are serious.
  9. Understand whom you are speaking too.  When you are posting on social media it is so important to understand who you are talking to. Take the time to get clear on your ideal client.
  10. Facebook Groups still give you a lot of reach. So don’t be afraid to embrace them BUT YOU can run ads in groups so don’t neglect your business page.
  11. Start before you are ready. I see this all too often people wait until they have every single piece in place and it holds them back from truly getting started. Let me let you in on a little secret, it’s never all going to perfect. Your business is going to change and evolve as you grow.
  12. Have fun with it! If you are struggling to have fun with social media get help but remember you can’t outsource the live videos but what you can do is use the live videos to repurpose content from and that is where a social media manager can help.
  13. Social media changes….ALL. THE. TIME. So be willing to adapt because if you are going to keep up, you are going to have to adapt.
  14. Have a STRATEGY. Don’t just simply post to post when it comes to social media. Have a strategy in place for what you want your followers to do. I.E. Opt-in to your list, sign up for a webinar etc. etc.


Jamie Palmer

I'm Jamie, founder and CEO (Chief Education Officer) here at Outlier Marketing Group. We exist to help you succeed in building your brand ecosystem and thriving online. I live in Newport, RI with my husband and 4-year old son and infant. I LOVE entrepreneurship, writing, food, paddleboarding and skiing! Thanks for stopping by and as always if you have any questions feel free to email me at Jamie@outliermarketinggroup.com.

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