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CEO & Digital Business Strategist & Coach

Recognized for in-depth understanding and use of specialized digital marketing methods necessary for hyper-competitive industries; including IT, Marketing, Financial, hospitality and Professional Services. Acknowledged as a successful marketer and leader of individuals and corporate teams with diverse backgrounds and experience levels. Highly informed in the wide variety of methods and techniques used in corporate training and adult learners. Expert at building highly engaged online communities with leadership techniques.

Jamie has recently contributed to Effingham, IL winning the Google eCity of 2014 Award through her Brandfluence™ Social Media Program. She has spoken at the Environmental Business Council on Social Media and RI BAR Association to discuss “How Systematic Storying Can Help Lawyers Show Value in Sales Conversations.“ Her other featured topics are: “Story as a Means of Understanding the Other,“ “Social Media Marketing ~ Monetize your Profiles,“ and “How Rhetoric Can be Your Best Friend in Business Development.“

Jamie’s Story:

It all started back when I was a little kid. I always knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur. For whatever reason, it was in my blood neither of my parents were entrepreneurs. My Dad worked a 9 to 5 job in IT, and my Mom stayed at home and took care of us kids.

I was forever starting businesses in my room as a little kid, everything from dance studios to lemonade stands, and clothing lines. I loved it. While in college, I really didn’t love what it was that I was going to school for, but I knew if my entrepreneurial dreams failed me I could always find a job as an accountant. Plus I knew that knowing this side of the business would only help my entrepreneurial ventures.

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I started my business my last semester of college. Web and logo design. It was a growing industry and I learned how to code when I was younger. Since my Dad was in IT we always had a computer around. I loved it.

I was getting tons of leads from all over the place but something was missing. People were always saying to me “Well, how come I’m not getting more sales from my website.”, “the website isn’t working”.

I never understood those comments. I hadn’t built these people an e-commerce site. I just built them a regular site…so there was no selling online. I didn’t get it. I always thought to myself….”Websites don’t sell, people do.”

I took some time away from the business and worked with an authentic leadership and sales organization. This experiences greatly, shaped me and the company I have today.

The year was late 2009 early 2010….social media was exploding…..I was transitioning out of my Entrepreneur in Residence position on the sales and leadership organization and stepping back out on my own.

The company’s name transitioned to, Outlier Marketing Group. It suited me. I am an outlier. We are a marketing group offering, social media, web design, and branding. I help fellow entrepreneurs just like me, connect with being authentic with their marketing and sales efforts. We are looking forward to launching our Partner Without the Baggage Program and a membership site in the fall!

Naturally, along the way life happened. I fell in love, had my son, bought a house and got married in October of 2015, then had my second son and are totally loving life in the city by the sea, Newport, RI. (Yes, that’s the correct order for my Outlier self).

Today, I am very “lucky”, I work with clients/fellow entrepreneurs and business owners all over the country on their marketing efforts. I have the 2 cutest little boys in the world and a hubby who adores me. Life is good.

Jesse Palmer

Director of Technology

Hi, I’m Jesse. (Yes, I’m Jamie’s Brother) I’m the Tech guy for OMG. Unlike Jamie I never knew what I wanted to do for a living growing up, all I wanted to do was play video games. I ended up going to New England Institute of Technology for Game Development And Simulation Programming and received my Bachelor’s Degree in 2016, but by about halfway through my degree I knew I didn’t want to create games for a living, it was something that was a hobby to me (playing them, not creating), definitely not a career.

A couple of months after I finished my degree I started working for Jamie part-time, helping out with websites, email marketing, etc. It was perfect; I was just looking for some money while I was traveling back and forth between RI and Puerto Rico visiting my now wife.

That continued for a while until after I got married (early 2017) and stepped into the real world. So I started looking for a full-time job. I ended up working for a very small company that  focused on websites…  

Long story short it was a disaster, I worked there for a total of 4 months (I learned a lot at least and realized Jamie was actually a pretty good boss and entrepreneur).  I messaged Jamie and basically told her, let’s build a website and tech division of OMG. That’s when I started working for OMG full time. Little did I know Jamie had a plan to build an online empire.

It’s now two years later and I’m still here. I am always busy behind the scenes launching websites, podcasts, building funnels and creating all the courses, membership sites, and sales pages you see for the Outlier Marketing Group!

In my free time, I love playing hockey, New England sports, and obviously video games!

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Andrew Spremulli

Videographer and Technical Assistant

Hello, I’m name is Andrew Spremulli. I am The Tech Assistant and Videographer here at Outlier Marketing Group. Over the course of my life I have come to find that my passions include creation and adventure. I consistently seek to expand my horizons both creatively, as well as personally, and that is exactly what Outlier Marketing Group has allowed me to do. I discovered along my journey that videography was a great way to freely express this creative desire I had. I found it to be a very unique way to capture life’s moments, no matter how large or small.