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About the Podcast:

Welcome to OMG Radio! I’m Jamie Palmer Digital Business Strategist,  implementation coach, and boy mom! This show is for entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, influencers, small business owners and Outliers who want to create more impact, make more money and grow their online business. If you want simple strategies and actionable steps to building your business, growing your following and creating momentum that takes you closer to your dreams and a life of freedom without overwhelm then tune in! This is OMG Radio.

If you are a guest on this podcast, we truly believe in providing value to our clients so we ask that you share knowledge, teach or share your experiences in life and/or business as part of the interview. The OMG Show will be recorded as a Facebook Live or Youtube Live and will then be added to the podcast as well. We will promote you on all of our social channels, email list, website and encourage you to do the same on your channels.

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